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The Renegade Pigs Motorcycle Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the hard working men and women who serve our communities in law enforcement, firefighting and public safety. The Renegade Pigs fundraising efforts benefit the family members of hundreds of police officers, firefighters, and public safety officals who make those sacrificies others fear ensuring the safety of those citizens they protect and serve.  Some examples being, but not limited to: police officers or firefighters line of duty deaths, disabled by an catastrophic injury or illness.  The club also has a long standing tradition of community support, especially to seeing to the needs of young children. 

The Renegade Pigs Motorcycle Club is comprised of dedicated and selfless members who ride American made motorcycles and enjoy the freedom of the open road.  Presently there are 38 chapters in 16 states.  The red, white and blue in our colors symbolize the patriotism that each member holds true.  The flaming boar's skull symbolizes dogged determination to overcome difficulty and to protect the Brotherhood.

Please support the greatest public safety motorcycle club in the world.  By doing so, you'll support the brave men and women who protect and serve our communities.


We are not a large chapter but there's a reason for that. We don't "sell" our colors. None of our chapters do. Every member we have has made a commitment to the chapter. They all looked around and realized that only one club was good enough for them and after a lengthy association period we decided they were good enough for us.     

All Renegade Pigs members have a fierce loyalty to each other. Not just to those in their own chapter, but to all RP Brothers nation wide.  Our National Conventions are legenday for bringing together members from the four corners of the country for a few days of comradery and celebration. An opportunity  to meet up with old friends and a chance to make new ones.


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