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Updated  07-15-10

Let's see who gets it this month!



  Now I wanna tell you a story about the first time. That is, the first time on that shiny new machine you just built. This isn’t so much for you folks that have the opportunity to do it for the first time every few years after a rebuild because you know what I’m talkin’ about, but rather for you cookie-cutter scooter drivers that will never know the feeling you get from climbing on a machine you created with your own two hands. 

  After you drop her down off the pedestal, you roll her out into the sunlight for the first time. The first order of business is a complete wash and wax. I guess you could liken it to a shower before sex. All dust and fingerprints are removed and she sits there clean and untouched like the proverbial virgin on her wedding night. You open the petcock and watch the fuel shoot down the clear hose heading straight towards the carb like a rush of adrenaline screaming to the heart. When you flip on the choke you become aware of your own heart starting to beat slightly faster. As the key turns to the first click electricity courses through her wires as fast as the blood now races through your veins. In the next few seconds the entire assembly process floods your mind as you recheck everything you’ve done over the last few months because it has all come down to this. You wonder, "Did I hook it all up right? Did I line up everything correctly and tighten everything down?" You hesitate because you know that with one push of a button or a few jumps on the kicker the truth will be known.

  At last you can wait no more. You’ve worked on her relentlessly to get her just where you want her. The time is right or it isn’t, so you make your move and you touch her in that certain way. At first she tenses and protests but you know that deep down she wants to please you so you wait a few seconds then do it again. This time she surrenders and comes to life responding to your touch. You tease her a little with your right hand then let her settle down and begin to purr. She likes what you’ve done to her. She seems to trust you as she warms up under you. You hold back just a bit letting her get a little warmer - after all, you don’t want to rush her and risk hurting her insides. All at once you can feel and smell her heat. It’s her way of letting you know she’s ready for you. Ready for you to settle in on top of her. You caress her smoothness and feel her urgency.

  You move with her ever so carefully. The two of you finding each other before becoming one. You know where you want to take her and you slowly fondle her gears bringing up the speed but being careful not to let it happen too fast. Remember, it’s your first time with her. You almost try to think of other things not wanting to let your anticipation show causing you to do something that’ll make it end too soon. You want your first time together to last as long as it can.

  You suddenly realize that you are in control of her. This being her first time and all, it’s up to you to lead her. You turn her this way and that way beginning to push her just a little. Slowly easing out the tension from deep inside her. She begins to move just the way you want as you press against her, holding her tightly now to keep your place. God she feels good! You can feel everything about her, her inner secrets ring in your ears as you listen to the sounds she makes. As you move faster and faster she calls out louder and louder. You wonder what others will think if they hear her. They’ll wish they were you and that she belonged to them.

  As the crescendo builds you swear she’s the best you’ve ever had. You can’t control your breathing as you gasp for air. Then that special feeling wells up inside you and makes you seem invincible. You feel a little lightheaded and know it’s time to head into the back stretch and bring it home. You can’t keep her in this frenzied state too long or you’ll loose her. She feels it too and she responds as if she’s done it a hundred times before. It’s something that’ll become instinctive with her. You brace yourself as you pour it on, getting her to give up almost everything she has to offer. You tense and feel the muscles in your back tighten as the pleasure mounts until you can stand it no more. You’re there! That vibration you felt is replaced by a tingle running through your entire body. As the seconds tick on, waves of euphoria wash over you as you slowly relax your hold on her letting her settle back into a demure purr. As you both ease to a stop she continues to tremble beneath you.

  Finally she’s still, but the heat of her excitement radiates up enveloping you. You move off of her so you can enjoy a full length view of this lean beauty you’ve just been with in a most intimate way. There she is calm and quiet and she’s all yours. You made her what she is. It’s because of what you did to her that she satisfied you the way she did and it further excites you to know that her sole purpose is to bring you pleasure - anytime you want it!

  Yep, that’s pretty much the way it was after rebuilding the ol’ '77 and I couldn’t help thinkin’, "Man am I glad she’s over 18!" 





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